How it Work


How to Get Listed on Olmxpress.

It is very easy to get-on on Olmxpress and 100% free. Just follow the steps below.

Note before you start, get the following ready to ease the process of registration and others.

  1. Your Business Name.
  2. Your Full Contacts which shall include phone numbers, Business address, state, Local Government Area, city e.t.c
  3. Your personal photograph. (To be scanned in jpg or png format).
  4. Your Business Logo/Image. (This can be your Shop/Business photograph).
  5. Full Description of your Business of Service(s).


  • First, you need to register your profile by clicking Register on the Homepage or click here.
  • Provide your full names (Not Business name).
  • Your active email (This shall be your Username and for confirmation).
  • Your Password.
  • Upload your personal photograph (Passport – you are advised to use your current photograph as this will be used and display on your profile).
  • Choose your User Type.
  • Company – refer to Service Providers or Business.
  • User – refer to clients who shall require the services of Company.
  • Provide your cell phone number.
  • Your Company or Business Website (if any).
  • Click “Create Account” Button.
  • You can also use your Facebook profile by clicking Facebook Login. Our site will automatically pull your profile from Facebook. This will, however, require your authentication this on your Facebook platform.


You will be required to confirm your registration from this email sent after submitting your profile by clicking on the confirmation link on the email. Therefore, ensure that you provide a valid email to receive your confirmation message.


Kindly note that you cannot list your Services or Business without first Login to the site using your Username and Password supplied during registration.

  • Login from the Homepage using your Username & Password. Or Facebook Login if you have registered with Facebook Login during registration.
  • Click “GET LISTED” Button at the top right corner of the homepage header or on the footer link.


  • Carefully complete the form. Be as accurate as possible. Also ensured that your description is precise and straightforward. The description gives you chance to give detail of your service/Business.
  • Click Publish.

You may be required to validate your listing before your Advert/listing appear on the website. This can be done by clicking the validation link sent to your email.

All things are carefully done, in no time you will be receiving contacts from clients.




  • A premium listing is a top shots listing that makes a user a premium user with unlimited benefits and opportunities.
  •  A premium listing gives the user wide range of opportunities from being listed as a premium user, to feature user and such users are listed an rated first among the users.
  • A premium user gets recommendations from us when searching for or requested for by employers/clients.
  • A premium user has all his details which include multiple phone numbers, email address, fax, physical Address, google map e.t.c,  listed online to be easily contacted by clients at any time.



As a premium user or a premium subscriber, the following are some of the numerous benefits when listed as the premium listing.

  1. Premium users/listing appear first during searches by clients users.
  2. Unlimited opportunities and recommendations from us to potential clients.
  3. Premium user/listing appear on our homepage and on the slider, which exposes the premium users to more potential clients.
  4. Premium users get frequent recommendations and placement on the company advert.
  5. Your listing will be included in our various advertisements on Radio, TV, Dalies and other partner sites.
  6. A premium user/Listing stand chances of being included in our daily Newsletters, this gives a premium subscriber an edge over others in the categories.



An individual or company who indicate interest in becoming a premium user/listing must meet the following requirements before such user are listed as premium user /listing;

  1. Means of Identification: International Passport, Driver’s Licence, National ID Card (NIM) Valid Union ID, Voters Card, Certificate of Graduation for Artisans.
  2. Evidence of Physical Location: The Shop /Office Address to be duly verified by our representative.
  3. A guarantor who should be a notable person, Justice of Peace, A Current Political office Holder, Chairman of registered Trade Union (In the case of Artisans).
  4. Required Payment. Made to the company account. (To be verified before listing).
  5. The only individual with physical and verified store/shop/office will be listed.


Follow the following steps in other to be fully listed on our site.

  1. Register for a free account using our signup form
  2. Submit your detail profile as may be required in the form.
  3. Validate your listing/Advert through your email link.
  4. There you go! You have just been listed and your ad and profile should appear online.

Why don’t you take a step further by getting listed as a premium user/ listing to enjoy unlimited benefit and recommendations? To do this;

  • After you have done the above, all you have to do is just to refer 5 new users, who must validate their listing, after which you shall be promoted to premium user/Listing.



For further enquiry, Contact us using the contact form or below contacts;,

+2349073054826, +2348051012627, +2349060777170.

Whatsapp: +2349020088110.